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IPO Facto starts blogging

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The Economics, Research and Evidence (ERE) team at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is pleased to start blogging under the category 'IPO Facto'. We will use this blog as a place to discuss the economics of intellectual property (IP) and its role in promoting innovation and providing evidence for IP policy. Blogging will be done by the group of government economists who form the ERE team. Posts will address research commissioned by the IPO, relevant events and topics on the economics of IP.

Why the name 'IPO Facto'? Well, in true economics fashion, we decided to incentivise innovation by holding an internal competition. The result was cumulative innovation (innovation that builds on previous innovations) as one colleague suggested 'Ipso Facto' and another further innovated with 'IPO Facto'. Our name reflects the process of innovation and creativity incentivised by IP, and our research providing an evidence base to inform IP policy.

Our aim is provide at least two blog posts per month, although that may fluctuate. As the IPO is a government agency, we are bound by government guidelines and will be moderating comments.

We hope you find IPO Facto an accessible place to learn about and discuss the economics of IP, and very much welcome your input.

If you have questions or feedback, do comment on this blogpost and we'll do our best to respond.

To keep in touch, sign up to email updates from this blog, or follow us on Twitter using the #IPOFACTO hashtag.

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  1. Comment by Nathan Wajsman posted on

    I too have never heard of Mr Factor's blog, so here is at least one other hit that he has only because of IPO Facto 🙂

  2. Comment by Tim Roberts posted on

    Top name.

    I can see how Mr Factor might feel aggrieved, but not (I think) reasonably. As an average consumer of IP Blogs, I'd never heard of his. But I have now, and will sample it. Maybe he will gain readers rather than lose them?

  3. Comment by Michael Factor posted on

    Less than amused.

    I have a blog called "IP factor" with some 300,000 hits.

    IPO Facto is confusingly similar. It seems like an attempt to capitalize on my goodwill, and there are issues of dilution.

    • Replies to Michael Factor>

      Comment by Nicola Searle posted on

      Could this be an example of cluttering? We will have to do a blog post on naming a blog!