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Measuring IP infringement

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How do you begin to get a measure of the infringement of intellectual property rights?

This is a question that industry and government have wrestled with. There is no official available count of the level of infringement for any of the intellectual property rights.

There have been many studies on how to measure IP infringement but no consistent method. So we decided the best thing to do was to review what already existed. To come up with recommendations to influence future work in this area.

The report collected evidence from 3 main sources:

  1. A review of industry, government and academic evidence and data.
  2. Interviews with representatives of industry trade bodies.
  3. Interviews with industry representatives with expertise and experience of tackling online IP infringement.

The report found many ways of measuring infringement but not all those used are open and transparent.

Research in this area has been inconsistent and tends to be a snapshot rather than a measure over time.

So what can be done? The report makes suggestions for how infringement of each of the different IP rights could be best measured. It also recommends a set of criteria on which to base future research to help increase its robustness and rigour.

The report has received a positive response, and was peer reviewed at our Ofcom event last September. We'd love to hear you thoughts!

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