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Researchers needed

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Interested in working with the most productive Intellectual Property Office (IPO) economics and research team in the world? Come along to our research open day in London tomorrow (16 October 2013) at our office in Abbey Orchard Street.

You will have the chance to meet members of our research and procurement team who will explain the tendering process and the finer details of our research requirements. We have a long history of working with researchers and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

If you would like to register for the day please contact us. For the opportunity to tender for IPO research, please register your interest with our procurement department.

Introducing the ERE team

The Economics, Research and Evidence team are a small group of experts within the IPO that work closely with policy leads to help build a better understanding of IP rights and how they operate within the UK economy. They identify and define specific questions and the answers their research generates provides evidence to inform policy decisions.

As well as stakeholders, lobbyists, end users and folk such as Andrew Gowers and Ian Hargreaves, it is often policy leaders within the IPO who identify key issues with policy and current legislation. Following the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, the IPO published its guidance on standards of evidence used in the development of policy.

In recent years the team has worked with academia and industry to help develop the economic evidence base and forge relationships in the intellectual property research community, nationally and internationally. The IPO research programme proposed for 2013/14 builds on this work.

The research we commission is independent and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the IPO. This means we publish a wide variety of work from different disciplines and research organisations. A peer review process provides us with an indication of how well the research is likely to be received by all interested parties and provides direction for further research in this area.

Want to know more? Please contact our research team.

If you have questions or feedback, do comment on this blogpost and we’ll do our best to respond.

To keep in touch, sign up to email updates from this blog, or follow us on Twitter using the #IPOFACTO hashtag.

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