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We’re celebrating Social Media Day!

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Have you checked Facebook today? Perhaps you’ve scrolled through your Twitter feed, posted a picture of your breakfast, cat or outfit on Instagram #Friday. If you have, then you might have seen that today is Social Media Day.

Managing the team responsible for the IPO’s social media presence, of course I wanted to celebrate and there’s certainly lots of reasons to!

Social Media has made a huge impact on global communication, connecting people all over the world. From Instagram stories to Snapchat and Facebook Live, there are now many new ways to communicate with each other. For me personally, it means my family in New Zealand are only a few clicks away. In my role at the IPO, it means I can reach thousands of people, in many locations and in a variety of ways.

Social media offers a huge multiplier effect, meaning the people we reach share our messages with their followers, their followers share it with their followers and their followers…you get my drift.

To give you an idea of the size of the social beast, did you know that 63% of adults in the UK used social media in 2016? Source: ONS

Social media is so beneficial in helping us reach our customers with lots of useful information, including helping them understand Intellectual Property (IP) and building respect. It also helps us connect with many organisations and gives the IPO a voice and personality.

We’ve posted and shared many IP related things across our channels over the last few years, including live streams, job vacancies and our award winning animation of Sarah and George:

Working alongside the IPO’s Business Outreach team and speaking to many businesses, it’s also apparent that businesses heavily rely on social media for their growth. So, from individuals to government organisations and businesses, it seems many of us are making use of social media and its benefits.

If you haven’t already, follow the IPO on social media and keep updated with IPO activities – you could even share our posts with your friends or colleagues.

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